Graffiti and declarations of faith – Frédéric Imbert

Rock face covered with drawings and graffiti in kufi arabic from the Islamic period (Arabia 7th-8th centuries AD). The rock fell from the mountain and rolled down in the sand to finish… overturned. All the texts are therefore upside-down. Their content is mainly religious: calls for pardon and mercy, declaration of faith, of divine omnipotence (Photo F. Imbert, Mission Dûmat al-Jandal 2012). Prof. Frederic Imbert, a specialist of arab and islamic epigraphy, is taking part in the graffiti conference.


One thought on “Graffiti and declarations of faith – Frédéric Imbert”

  1. in the jardin des Plantes, in Paris, up on the Belvedere, some graffitis age back to the fifties (a not-so-distant antiquity !) — and two type of speech alternate : oath of lovers and aspersions against the authorities…

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